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Welcome to PigeonMagazines.com. Please look over the large inventory of great items. I have been selling pigeon books and magazines since 2001.

5/13/2018 ANNOUNCEMENT. I received a great collection of Racing Pigeon books from England today. There are 60+ books and I will get them up on the website asap


7/26/2018 ANNOUNCEMENT. I bought a great collection today from the estate of a prominent Roller-man in Mid-Michigan. The Roller books are fantastic. I will get them listed on this website asap.


1/17/2016 ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be at the NPA NATIONAL in Springfield, Mass on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I hope to see many friends. I will have some great magazines, books, prints, post cards, etc. LOOK FOR ME.


8/26/2015 ANNOUNCEMENT I have bought another 200 books which I am working hard to get posted on the website. I bought  collections from North Carolina, Colorado and Chicago in addition to the collections mentioned below. Please check my site often because I have many wonderful additions.


7/19/2015 ANNOUNCEMENT: The inventory on PigeonMagazines.com is about to double. I have another 300 books to add and I must get better organized. Over the next months you will begin to see some fantastic new listings in new catagories. I need some time to organize. I have made several buying trips lately; I went to eastern PA and to MD. I am overwhelmed with 30+ boxes of new material.

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I want happy and repeat buyers. Any business is dependent of satifisfied customers and I pledge to provide the best service possibe and accurately grade my items.


My telephone number is (734) 461-0190 , please call me during reasonable Eastern Time Zone times.


Arthur Clarke

PO Box 133

Whittaker, Mi 48190


The best way to order or make inquiries is to email me. I will answer your email messages promptly.




Tip for ordering; please copy the item description into the text of your email. This way I know exactly what items (books, etc) you are referring to.


I am always anxious to buy collections. Especially wanted are books, club patches and older pre-1970 pigeon magazines. I can travel up to 400 miles from Ann Arbor, Michigan for larger purchases. Call me or email me and let's talk about what you have for sale.


I was a fancier for forty years, I had American Show-Racers. Pigeon fanciers know me and I value the trust I have established over a long period of time.


I will ship your items securely. I will package them carefully. And I will ship using USPS Tracking Service, so that we both can feel at ease. I ship world wide shipping with tracking.


The Golden Rule of Business applies here:

Treat People the Way You Would Want to Be Treated.