POULTRY PRINTS: Supplements to the Poultry Tribune

Updated April 22, 2017

Beautiful prints offered as supplement inserts to the Poultry Tribune magazine spanning the first four decades of the 1900's. These are very rare and collectible. I love them.


Price is $20.00 each or 3/$50.00 plus shipping. Each is preserved in a poly sleeve with a board insert.


Please order by the name of the print. These are in very good/excellent condition. Measures 11.5 by 8.5 inches.



Bourbon Red Turkeys

Bronze Turkeys

Naragansett Turkeys

White Holland Turkeys

Runner Ducks

African Geese

Rouen Ducks

Pearl Guineas

Black Turkeys

Narragansett Turkeys

Emden & Toulouse Goose 

Pekin Duck 

Partridge Wyandottes

Baby Chicks - February 1930

Silver Laced Wyandottes

Light Brahmas

Buff Cochins

Dark Cornish

Buff Orpingtons

White Langshans

S.C. White Minorcas

Single Comb Blue Andalusians

S.C. Anconas

Black Langshans

Single Comb White Orpingtons

R.C. Rhode Island Whites

Partridge Plymouth Rocks


Buff-Laced Polish

Speckled Sussex

Old English Games

Mottled Houdans

Jersey White Giants

S.C. Dark & Light Brown Leghorns

S.C. Buff Leghorns

S.C. Buff Minorcas


Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks

Silver Gray Dorkings

Broiler Cross

S.C. Black Minorcas (I have two )

Partridge Wyandottes

Buff Pymouth Rocks (I have 2)


White Wyandottes

Silver Laced Wyandottes ( I have 2)

Jersey Black Giants ( I have 4 of these)