ANCIENT POULTRY Prints by Th. van Gink

At the 19th Worlds's Poultry Congress in September 1992 held in Amsterdam, a wonderful collection of poultry prints by Van Gink was released in honor of the event. The Van Gink collection spanned his artwork from 1890 to 1968. The artistic precision by which he pinpointed the characteristic features of a strain have never been equaled.


Accompanying each print is a historical brief on that breed. Poultry has been kept by farmers for a long time. The distribution of the poultry strains of Western Europe took place from the East. Long before the present era chickens were well known as domesticated animals in China, India, and East Africa.


In the middle ages the monasteries especially contributed to poultry husbandry. Meanwhile, chickens were kept also for income on farms.


Here is the list of the prints available and a few scans. Each is in excellent condition and preserved in a poly sleeve with a poly sleeve. The high gloss prints are 8.5 by 10.5 inches.  Added is a brief historical outline of the breed.


These are truly spectacular.


Prints are just $10.00 each. (Three for $25.00)

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Shipping is additional. I will pack with care so that they arrive to you in great shape.


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Updated:   January 2, 2021


Leghorn (brown) sold

Minorca (black)

New Hampshire (chestnut red)

Plymouth Rock (white)

Rhode Isalnd Red

Sussex (speckled, buff columbian) sold

Kraienkoppe (silver partridge)

Owl-Bearded Dutch ......sold

Welsummer (red partridge)

Wyandotte (partridge)  sold

Wyandottes (columbian).sold

Japanese Bantam (grey or birchen) w/ Turbits and Geese ~ sold

Dutch Bantam (partridge)*

Dutch Bantum (golden duckwings)*

Rosecomb (blue-laced and blue)*

Phoenex Bantam (golden) sold

Booted Bantam (non bearded mille fleur)sold

Booted Bantam (bearded citron mile fleur)sold

Silkie, bearded and non-bearded (golden, white and black)  sold

Turkey (bronze mammouth) sold

Varied Poultry ..sold

Leghorn (exchequer)sold

Javan Junglefowl (Gallus varius)*

Grey Junglefowl (Gallus sonnerati)*

Ceylon Junglefowl (Gallus lafayetti)sold

Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus)*

Crosses of wild w/ Domesticated Poultry*

Ancona (single comb) sold

Araucana (black w/ tail; bearded, wheaten, white tailless)*

Assendelft Fowl (yellow pencilled) sold

Australorp (black) sold

Polish, bearded (buff-laced)  sold

Polish (fizzled silver) sold

Barnevelder (dark)*

Barnevelder (dark hen and chickens)*

Rumpless Fowl (dark partridge)*

Brabanconne or Brabant Fowl (quail)*

Brabanconne or Brabant Fowl (silver quail)*

Brabanter (black bearded-buff)  sold

Campine - Brakel

                   (golden; cock, henny-colored) sold

Chaam Fowl (silver pencilled)*

Drente Fowl (partridge) s0ld

Drente Fowl (pile)*

Friesian Fowl (silver pencilled) sold

Friesian Fowl

             (silver pencilled, adults & chickens) sold

Friesian Fowl (red mottled) sold

Friesian Fowl (yellow-white pencilled) sold

Groninger Mew (gold pencilled) sold

Hamburgh (gold pencilled) sold

Hamburgh (silver spangled) *

Polish, non-bearded (white crested black) sold

Polish, non bearded (black crested white) sold

Polish, non-bearded

                       (large and bantum, white)sold

Indian Game (white) *

Leghorn (crele)  sold

Kempish Fowl (silver pencilled) sold

Breda Fowl (cuckoo) sold

Creeper (black breasted) sold

Lakenvelder  sold