Prutz, Gustav. 1884-1886. Illustrirtes Mustertauben-Buch. (Illustrated Master Book of Pigeons)  Hamburg Germany: J.F. Richter. 438 pages. 81 Color Plates, 40 illustrations & drawings.

In German. This is a very rare book.


Book has been rebound and trimmed. A few of the 80 prints have the lowest line of the descriptive text missing.  Condition is very good.


Shipping is additional. Priority Tracking Mail is the shipping method unless buyer has specific instructions.


Price.......................$3,500.00  sold

Facsimile Prints. Each is preserved in a poly sleeve with a board insert.

I have learned that when the book was first published in 1884 it was released in separate chapters with the corresponding prints.  Subscribers would have the individual chapters and prints bound into book form. Accordingly, loose chapters and prints are very rare. I was told that there is only three sets in the United States. The facsimile prints that I offer are from one of the original loose sets.


Facsimile prints are $20.00 each or 4/ $50.00

Prints are approximately 8.5 by 11 inches. Shipping is $5.00 for one or more in the United States. Shipping to an address outside the United States must be by Priority Mail.

There are 81 full color prints. Tell me the ones that you want and copy the image into your email.


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Each print is in a poly sleeve with a board insert.

Facsimile prints are $20.00 each or 4/ $50.00

Facsimile prints are $20.00 each or 4/ $50.00