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Updated December 17, 2017



$999.00 w/free shipping in the US.


You may order individual issues now. Check with me to see if I have the issue you want.


Offered here is the complete collection; from issue #1 to the present. Included are all of the out-of-print issues too.


I also can sell individual copies at $10 and for those out-of-print at $30 each plus shipping. Condition is excellent/like new. Price of the complete collection will increase as more issues become out-of-print from publisher.



Complete Collection (newest issues included)

21 out of print issues @ $30 each = $ 630

Bokhara Issue (very rare)........$120
44 other issues @ $10 each $440
Total Collection......$ 1,190.00


Take all at $999.00

w/free shipping in the US


red = Out of print and unavailable from publisher


Nov/Dec 2004 Premier Issue

Jan/Feb 2005 Parlor Rollers
Mar/Apr 2005 Archangel
May/Jun 2005 Modena
Jul/Aug 2005 Racing Homer
Sep/Oct 2005 Show-Racer
Nov/Dec 2005 American Flying Tumber

Jan/Feb 2006 Fantail

Mar/Apr 2006 Show Roller
May/Jun 2006 Bokhara Trumpeter

July/Aug 2006 The Nun
Sept/Oct 2006 Old German Owl
Nov/Dec 2006 American Giant Homer

Jan/Feb 2007 Jacobin
Mar/Apr 2007 Domestic Show Flight
May/Jun 2007 German Beauty Homer
Jul/Aug 2007 Doves
Sep/Oct 2007 West of England Tumblers
Nov/Dec 2007 English Trumpters

Jan/Feb 2008 Frillbacks

Mar/Apr 2008 Norwich Cropper
May/Jun 2008 Fantails
Jul/Aug 2008 Indian Fantails
Sep/Oct 2008 English Carriers
Nov/Dec 2008 English Long Faced Tumblers

Jan/Feb 2009 Chinese Owls
Mar/Apr 2009 Modena
May/Jun 2009 Komorner Tumblers
Jul/Aug 2009 Domestic Show Flight
Sep/Oct 2009 Oriental Frill
Nov/Dec 2009 Show-Racer

Jan/Feb 2010 Mookee
Mar/Apr 2010 Swallow

May/Jun 2010 American Roller
Jul/Aug 2010 Old Dutch Capuchine
Sep/Oct 2010 Classic Old Frill
Nov/Dec 2010 Voorburg Shield Cropper

Jan/Feb 2011 African Owls
Mar/Apr 2011 Baldhead Roller
May/Jun 2011 Pouters & Croppers
Jul/Aug 2011 Giant Homers
Sep/Oct 2011 West of England Tumblers
Nov/Dec 2011 Pigmy Pouters


Jan/Feb 2012 English Trumpeters 

Mar/Apr 2012 Indian Fantail

May/Jun 2012 Show King

July/Aug 2012 Flying Flights

Sept/Oct 2012 Russian Tumbler

Nov/Dec 2012 Parlor Rollers


Jan/Feb 2013 Jacobins

Mar/Apr 2013 Show-Racers

May/Jun 2013 Old German Owl

Jul/Aug 2013 Saddle Muff Tumblers

Sep/Oct 2013 Eng LF Tumblers

Nov/Dec 2013 Turbits


Jan/Feb 2014 Rare Breeds

Mar/Apr 2014 Tiger Swallows

May/June 2014 German Beauty Homer

July/Aug 2014 Show Type Racing Homer

Sept/Oct 2014 Oriental Roller

Nov/Dec 2014 Trumpeters


Jan/Feb 2015 Birmingham Roller

Mar/Apr 2015 Classic Breeds

May/June 2015 Fantail

July/Aug 2015 Horseman Pouter


plus current issues as received


National Birmingham Roller Club Brass Belt Buckle; solid brass, 3.25 by 2.25 inches, very nice, heavy, free shipping in the US...$40.00........SALE $30 sold


WHOLESALE OFFER: I have a TEN thousand or more issues of the American Pigeon Journal and the Pigeon Debut which presents a problem for storage and transporting to pigeon shows. I bought several complete collections in order to acquire the Breed Specials.  Special Offer:  Buy any quantity of 25 or more American Pigeon Journals at $1.00 each plus a reduced shipping rate.  I will select various APJ issues from the 1960's thru 1994 for you. All are in very good/excellent condition.


Pigeon Debut Special: I have sorted out 1,500 Pigeon Debut magazines into years. I will sell any year, minus breed specials for $20.00. Most are with ten issues, some 11, some 9. Shipping in the US is $11.85 with Delivery Confirmation included.


PIGEON FANCIER COMPLETE COLLECTION ~ complete set ~ April 1993 to December 1995, 33 issues, excellent/mint condition, plus shipping: 

In the past 12 years I have sold three complete sets at $300 each. I currently have three sets available...$300 


The Racing Homer "G.I. Joe" postcard ~ new, 50 years old or older (my estimate)......................................$12.00

"The Only Way to Travel to a Pigeon Show" Reprint of October 1915 Photolitograph; "The Pigeon-Express, Winged Messengers of War, with converted motor bus as pigeon cote, Carrier Pigeons on Active duty with French Army" I have sold many of these at pigeon shows, very popular ~ on high gloss photographic paper ~ Wonderful image .... $8.00 plus shipping.

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