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PIGEON PATTER for the Pigeon Men

Complete year set for 1947 ~ 12 issues ~ pigeon newspaper published in Wichita Kansas. seldom seen because newspapers do not last as long as magazines last. All in good condition...SPECIAL PRICE ...$25.00  sold

PIGEON PATTER Accumulation of 43 Dif

Historical package of 43 different issues from 1946 to 1950. Condition is varied but generally good. DEAL...$40.00  sold

PIGEON NEWS ~ 1924 Yearset ~ complete year, twelve  issues,  ~ in good condition ~all complete with covers attached ~  the Pigeon News goes back into the 1890's and the magazine went out of print a few years after 1967.................$100.00  sold


A wonderful collection of 54 Show-Racer items 2000 - 2007. There are 7 Annuals/Yearbooks and 47 bi-monthly bulletins. About half are spiral bound and all are in excellent/new condition. Most have stunning color photos. ..$40.00  sold


American Cage-Bird Magazine ~ 27 issues, July 1971 to June 1976. On all aspects of breeding, showing and managing domestic caged birds, fascinating magazines, 10 inch by about 7 inches. Shipping is $8.00 US, $16.00 to Canada and $28.00 outside US/Can.           sold

Special..........$50.00/ NOW..EXTRA SPECIAL $30.00


All the Giant Homer Breed Specials issued by the APJ and Pigeon Debut. APJ issues: June 1970, November 1977, March 1984 and November 1989. Pigeon Debut: November 1996. Plus AJHA Standard Poster 23 by 17.5 inches.  All in good/very good collection.                                         Total value is $50 +.........$30.00  sold


Great collection of Oriental Frill items. (1) Central Oriental Frill Club 1986 Yearbook, 104 pages. (2) Pigeon Review, March 1982 issue featuring Oriental Frills. (3) 7 issues of The Frill Breeders Guild Bulletins, 1989-91. (4) One issue of The Canadian Frill News, Jan 1962. (5) Gems of the Orient book, retyped, memeo/reprinted, 1919 by Frank Machin. Appears that the club secretary retyped the entire book, 28 pages. Memeod, done before the computer became common place. Very useful. (6) Bonus ~ APJ 1988 Oriental Frill Breed Special......$40.00 sold


Collection of 12 Domestic Flight items. (1) Pigeon Fancier Domestic Show Flight Special 1995. (2) Pigeon Review 1981 Domestic Flight Special. (3) Pigeon Debut 2000 American Domestic Show Flight Special.  (4) Pigeon Gazette, July 1982 issue with Dom Flt on cover and several features on the Dom Flt. (5) Pigeon Review, March 1981 Dom Flts on cover plus articles. (6) American Pigeon Review, 1985 Special on Domestic Flights, 146 pages. (7) Pigeon Debut July 2002 issue about NY Combine and the Amican Dom Show Flt. (8) American Show-Racer Domestic Flights Specials, all four that the APJ issued.....items in good condition..............$50.00 sold

Feather Fancier Newspaper ~ 23 issues from early 1970's ~ this Canadian newspaper covered all facits of pigeon and poultry breeding, exhibiting and care, with main focus on Canadian activies. When I lived in Canada I was a subscriber and advertiser. Most newspapers do not survive because people do not retain them as they do magazines ~ in good or better condition ~ Shipping is $8.00 US, $16.00 Canada and $28 outside US and Canada ~ Special..................$40.00  sold


Rare Breeds Pigeon Club ~ 19 different bulletins from 1970's ~ Directories and Handbooks included ~ Shipping is $8.00 in the United States and $28.00 outside the US ~ a wealth of information on those rare breeds that the other pigeon magazines do not cover: Special.............................$40.00  sold

Pigeons and Pigeon World ~ Complete Yearset for 1959, good/very good condition

$ $40.00


Pigeons and Pigeon World ~ Complete Yearset for 1960, good/very good condition

$ $40.00


Pigeons and Pigeon World ~ Complete Yearset for 1961, good/very good condition

$ $40.00


Pigeons and Pigeon World ~ Complete Yearset for 1962, good/very good condition

$ $40.00


Pigeons and Pigeon World ~ Complete Yearset for 1963, good/very good condition

$ $40.00


Pigeons and Pigeon World ~ Complete Yearset for 1964, good/very good condition

$ $40.00

Pigeon Fancier Magazine ~ Complete Set


This was a fabulous magazine, it was ahead of its time with well written and edited features and fantastic color photography. Complete set; April 1993 through December 1995. Layne Gardner did a wonderful job as its editor and publisher.


All in very good or better condition. Thirty-three collectible issues..$300.00 plus shipping. NOW $100

*************Two complete sets are available

Pigeon Fanciers Specials

Oct 1994 English Trumpeters $35.00

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American Pigeon Journals from 1950's ~ I have many issues from the 1950's. I will select a nice copy for $10.00 plus shipping.

American Pigeon Journals from 1940's ~ I have some issues from the 1940's. These are $15.00 each plus shipping.

American Pigeon Journals from 1930's ~ I have a lot of issues from the 1930's. They are in very good/excellent condition. These are $20.00 each plus shipping.

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